# Confirmations and finality

On zkSync, each transaction is at one of the four stages:

  • Pending: The transaction was received by the operator, but it has not been processed yet.
  • Processed: The transaction is processed by the operator and is confirmed to be included in the next block.
  • Committed: The transaction state diffs were published on Ethereum.
  • Finalized: The SNARK validity proof for the transaction has been submitted and verified by the smart contract. After this step, the transaction is considered to be final.

The typical time for a transaction to go from Processed to Finalized is a couple of hours at the current stage.

Please note that for developer convenience, we usually treat the Processed and Committed states as a single stage called Committed since they have no difference from the UX/DexEx standpoints.

Last Updated: 7/5/2022, 11:03:10 AM