# Known issues

While zkSync 2.0 is in alpha, we will put known (and not fixed yet) bugs here as well as workarounds for them.

# Metamask native contract interactions not working

It is not currently possible to interact with zkSync smart contracts via Metamask with EIP-1559 transactions. zkSync does not support EIP1559 transactions.

Solution. Explicitly specify { type: 0 } in transaction overrides to use Ethereum legacy transactions.

# Wallet has no funds / Contract disappeared

We are expected to update our testnet continuously, and so from time to time, we will need to do a re-genesis. This will cause the entire state to reset, and all deployed contracts will cease to exist.

We will communicate re-genesis events before they happen!

# wait() gets stuck for L1->L2 transactions

If the wait() takes much longer than expected, most likely the transaction has failed.

# unexpected end of JSON input compilation error

This is an error that is usually thrown when compiling a large smart contract codebase.

If you encounter such an error, please do the following:

  • Update the @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-solc library and try to re-compile the smart contracts afterwards.
  • If after the recompilation you get the Library not found error, then you should follow the instructions from here.
  • If the same error persists, report the issue to our team. We will do our best to help you.

# Docker Desktop is not running / Docker Desktop is not installed error

If you are running Windows you may get this error, as a result of incompatibility with our hardhat plugin. You can still compile the contract using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2).

# Can not use CREATE/CREATE2 opcodes with raw bytecode

zkSync does not support using CREATE/CREATE2 with raw bytecode. We highly recommend using the new operator to avoid any issues.

# Hardhat's console.log does not work

zkSync does not support the Nomic Foundation's console.log contract. Due to different address derivation rules, even when deployed, the console.log library will likely have a different address from the one on Ethereum.

Last Updated: 7/5/2022, 11:03:10 AM