# Getting started

Alpha testnet

Welcome to zkSync 2.0 alpha testnet! Our team would be very happy to see what you can build on zkSync. We are glad for any feedback you could provide!

Note, that the system is still in active development, so:

  • Breaking changes are possible in the future.
  • Some of the updates may require regenesis, i.e. erasing all the balances, smart contracts, and restarting the blockchain. We will make sure to communicate all regenesis beforehand! Make sure to follow our Discord (opens new window).

zkSync 2.0 is a ZK rollup: a trustless protocol that utilises zero-knowledge proofs to provide scalable low-cost transactions on Ethereum. All assets are stored in a single smart contract on the mainchain, while computation and storing data are performed off-chain. As all transactions are proven on Ethereum mainchain, users enjoy the same security level as in Ethereum.

# zkSync 2.0 highlights

  • Mainnet-like security with zero reliance on 3rd parties.
  • Permissionless EVM-compatible smart contracts.
  • Standard Web3 API.
  • Preserving key EVM features, such as smart contract composability.
  • Introducing new features, such as account abstraction and meta-transactions.

# How to get started?

  • Begin by trying out the zkSync 2.0 UX yourself!
  • See the info on RPC nodes, wallet, block explorer on the important links page.
  • If you are new to rollups, then the ZK rollup basics guide will help you getting familiar with the ZK rollup architecture in general.
  • If you already know how ZK rollups work, then Understanding zkSync 2.0 will serve as an introduction into the concepts behind zkSync 2.0.
  • Want to dive directly into the code? Head straight to the Developer guide.
Last Updated: 7/5/2022, 11:03:10 AM