# Browse blocks

Browse blocks!

The block explorer home screen, by default, displays the 10 most recent blocks in the chain. View all blocks for a more complete overview of recent blocks, or click on a specific block number for details on that block. The blocks page is also accessible via the top menu.

Access the block page

# View all blocks

You can click on a block number to see all the details of that specific block. If you want to browse more blocks, click the Blocks (opens new window) section of the navigation menu. Use the pagination to navigate to the next page.

However, if you have already left the homepage, you can always search for any block by typing in the block number.

Browse all blocks

There are two main sections inside a block:

  1. The Block Header
  • This shows brief information about this specific block, as well as a link to the previous block in the chain.
  1. Transactions
  • Consists of lists of all the transactions that were included in this block.

Single block page!

# Block headers

The following table should help explain what you’ll see in a block. For more details on blocks, see the docs on Blocks.

Value Description
Block number The unique sequential number for this block.
Block size The size of the block.
Timestamp The block generation time in seconds since the Unix epoch.
Root hash The Cryptographic hash of the block header.
Status The status of the block, could be sealed, finalized, or unfinalized.

# Transactions

This section lists all the transactions that are included in this block. Transactions are served on a first-in-first-out basis, but in the future, we will introduce a "priority heap", which will allow for sorting the transactions.

Value Description
Block The amount of transactions in a block
Timestamp The block generation time in seconds since the Unix epoch.
Hash The hash of the transaction serving as the transaction’s ID
From The account or smart contract, sending the transaction.
To The account or smart contract, the transaction targeted.
Fee The rate of fees associated with this transaction processing.
Tokens transfered Details about the tokens(both to and from addresses) involved in the transactions, it includes, details like the assets, balance in the wallet address, and token address.
Contract address The rate of fees collected by the network.
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